Cannes Film Festival Day 2!

For all those unable to attend the thrills of Cannes 2012, SEG Producer Raffaele Piscopiello, is gracious enough to give a tour through his eyes. DAY 2!

Raffa writes:

“Great day in Cannes! But also very crowded… Today is national holiday in Cannes and there are so many people around… For this reason also, I was not able to enter in 2 theaters: I went a hour earlier for Michel Gondry, but the seats finished right away. Also it was a technical problem for the movie at 5pm (the projector broke! Too funny, can imagine this in Cannes????)
I watched “Moonrise kingdom” by Wes Anderson and I really liked: it’s a fairy tale, sweet and smart… All the kids are amazing actors and also great performance for Bruce Willis (usually not my favorite…). I don’t think the film is going to win the Palm d’Or, but I enjoyed the show.
The second movie is part of the category “Un certain regard”. The movie is called “Student” by Darezhan Omirbayev, country Kazakistan. It’s a drama, very dark and slow… Loved the atmosphere but in my opinion most of the actors were not the perfect fit. It looks like a low budget movie, but probably it’s not…
Let’s hope that tomorrow I’m going to be able to watch more movies and spend time also at the producers corner.
I’ll send you some pics of today, ciao!”

— Who wouldn’t give to be him? Thanks Raffa!

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