Cannes – Day 4

From Raffaelle Piscopiello:

Busy Saturday on the Croisette… A lot of celebrities surrounded by an “army” of bodyguards. I don’t know how the citizens of Cannes can live these days… All the city is living for the festival, traffic is crazy, restaurants and bars are packed. As always and probably, today was the busiest day. In order to enter to a movie theater, you need to stay in line at leastĀ  90 minutes before. My goal was to watch 3 movies for the Competition category, but I made it only for 2 of them.
I watch “Reality” by Matteo Garrone… It’s the only Italian movie presented this year at the festival… I was disappointed with the movie itself. The Italian cinema is really going adrift…we dont have new filmakers , Garrone is in his forty’s and he’s considered a young director! The Italian film distribution has confidence for this film and it says everything on the health of the movement.
The second film was “After the battle” by Yousri Nasrallah, an Egyptian director. The story is set during and after the Egyptian revolution in February 2011. The movie has real videos of the revolution but it was filmed later in the year. I can only imagine the difficulties to produce and film in Cairo City. The film is remarkable for this ability to shoot in this condition, but the story is not very well built and at some point even confusing…
Tomorrow there are also some panels at the American Pavilion and I hope to make it and take some pictures too.

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