Cannes – Day 5 with Raffaele!


“The sun has abandoned the Croisette! It looks like fall in Ireland…it’s raining cats and dogs, the festival is also having problems because of it. Today most of the shows were delayed for the rain, wind and technical problems. Now the forecasts declare rain until wednesday, but hopefully the busiest days are behind us.

Today I watched an Israeli movie, called “God’s Neighbors” by the director Meni Yaesh. It’s part of the “Semaine de la critique” and it got good reviews from the industry. The story mixes religion and extremism in a reality that most of the world doesn’t know. It’s also a love story and the plot reminds me the old “Romeo and Juliet”. So it’s not very original but for sure the audience is totally involved in the plot. I vote 6.5 since it’s also a very delicate subject.

Then, I moved to the Competion category with “Lawless” by John Hillcoat. It’s a really story, about the Bondurant brothers and the age of proibizionism in America. Great scenes, a lot of violence and amazing actors. Guy Pearce is the bad character and he’s really great in this role! I can see him as the best actor for supporting role. The theme is about the violence during the ’20s in USA, where all forms of alcohol were banned and there were a lot of people producing whiskey and selling at the black market. It seems that Hollywood after the “vampires” theme is now moving to the “alcohol age”: when you watch this move, you can’t forget the most popular and actual TV Show as “Boardwalk Empire”.

As a third movie I watched “Antiviral” by Brandon Cronenberg… I read good crtics about this film and I waited in line for almost 2 hours, maybe I was expecting a totally different work, but I was so disappointed that I can only say: this movie is the classic example why kids sometime should not follow their fathers’ careers and jobs. Brandon Cronenberg looks like he wanted to do his dad’s films. Vote 4 and I’ve been very good since at least I didn’t get wet in line.!”

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