Cannes Day 6 – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Finally a lot of people left the Festival! Today was the easiest one to stay in line and watch movies… Unfortunately the bad weather didn’t leave the south of France… Probably we have to wait until Wednesday. For the weather reasons some panels and shows were canceled. I think it’s really though to organize a festival, especially when you have so many problems from outside. It’s like when you shoot a movie and you have 5 days of exterior shots…because of the rain, you have to reorganize everything!!!
Today I watched the first part of the short movies on competition. Mostly young directors that did awesome jobs!
Then a feature film from Argentina: “Villegas”. It’s an on the road picture by a really young director. I always love road films: this one has rhythm, describe interesting character and it’s well shot. I’ll give it a 6.5 as a vote.
The peak of the day was “The hunt” by the Danish director Thomas Vinterberg. What a movie! So far the one I liked mostly. It explore a huge drama as child abuse and it’s really a punch in the stomach. I’ll give a 8 and I really support this film for the winning of the festival. Hopefully the main protagonist, the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen will win the award as best actor and also I’m pretty sure that Hollywood will notice this talent. Soon or less, mr. Mikkelsen will be called by the American market for his first film oversea!
Let’s cross the finger and maybe do a little “sun dance” for tomorrow!!! Talk to you soon and sorry for the “wet” picture!

– Raffa

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