Cannes – Day 7 – It Gets Interesting

The Festival reached it’s half way… I can tell that for the movie quality, I was going to expect better projects. I was not able to watch everything at this point, so maybe I missed the masterpieces, but I think that I just found 2 movies that really hit me: “The hunt” by Thomas Vinterberg and “Broken” by Rufus Norris.

We still have 5 days left and also the schedule festival will offer still a lot of surprise… Today I chose to follow more panels that movies, so I spent the morning watching one feature called “J’enrage de son absence”, part of the Semaine de la Critique. I enjoyed the story, still a very familiar and dramatic plot… nothing unusual for this edition.

Then I moved for film on competition by the 89 years old Alain Resnais. The movie is not “easiest” to understand and also I can tell that I never found Resnais as one of my favourite french director. And the “funny” was to hear some people of the audience snoring loudly! Well, I can tell the movie was extremely slow… and people start getting tired of this crazy days full of films and events!

Then I went to the American Pavilion were I follow one panel really interesting: “The current state of film acquisitions”. The industry colleagues called to partecipate were very preparate and willing to share their opinions and experiences. They described the Festival as how it is: the biggest film market in Europe, where acquisition companies try to buy the best products for the next season. the second panel was dedicated to the presentation of the movie “Beasts of the southern wild” by the young director Benh Zeitlin. Unfortunately I was not able to watch the movie a couple of days ago, but the reviews are talking very well about. This film won also the Grand Jury Prize at the last Sundance Film Festival.

So we are getting closer to the end of the festival, names are growing up, celebrities are arriving day by day… and hopefully the rain left for good! I keep you posted on tomorrow busy day!


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