Cannes Day 8 – Cannes Through Raffa’s Eyes

I can definitely tell you that this festival was an adventure for many point of views… First the overcrowding, then the cold and the bad weather… And now the regional train strike! Since I have a hour train ride every morning, today I had to come here by car and it was a mess!

Think also that between Cannes, Nice and Montecarlo, this weekend will be 3 major events: the closing of the festival in Cannes, the tennis tournament in Nice and the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montecarlo! I’ll write the details later…

Going back to movies world, we slowed down with the intensity of the pictures. Yesterday I watched “Killing them softly” by Andrew Dominick… Well it’s a violent movie where Brad Pitt is acting the part of a killer… I felt the story very superficial, but with a very brilliant (and true) ending.

I always love short films and during this edition I tried to find time to watch also these pictures. Yesterday I watch 4 shorts, very brilliant and well made… The directors are really from all over the world and I saw that directors from South America are really becoming very popular. On the bad side, I don’t see a lot of improvement from the European directors… Same things in years, low budget and bad produced… I can see the future in the Latino America where they are willing to invest in films and young filmakers…

– Raffaele

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