Cannes Wrap Up With Raffaele

The 65th Cannes film festival arrived to its last day. As everybody knows the winner feature film is “Love” by the Austrian director Michael Haneke. There were 21 features in competition and on my personal list, this movie was the number 2. My personal award goes to “The hunt” by Thomas Vinterberg. Great movie with amazing talents. The actor Mads Mikkelsen, main character of this film, won the award as best male actor performance and it’s really well deserved…

It’s always easy to say what you like in a huge event like this: I’d say the big choice of movies available for 10 days, the people from all over the world, the location (even if the weather didn’t help that much…)

In terms of movies, I didn’t like a lot of them… The one that really disappointed me is “Cosmopolis” by David Cronenberg… Really negatively speechless in front of this project that in my opinion it’s inconclusive…

Also I didn’t like the long lines, waiting for the movies. And I have a little suggestion for festival lovers: sometimes we think that in big festivals like Cannes can bring the chances to connect with industry people…and in same way, it’s true also for Cannes. But this big festival sometimes are less productive than small festivals. It means that the level of security is always high and it’s impossible to get closer with established names, obviously for “industry talking”. When you go to small festival, you might end to meet some big name just because the event is not too crowed. Cannes was really ver crowded… That’s why I enjoyed the last two days where most of the people already left.

Going back to the movies that I watched, I had probably too higher expectations… So I can’t really say that I watch a masterpiece, but for sure I saw new “markets”. I could see the south America is growing faster with reality as Argentina and Brazil. The Dominican republic is creating several studios on its territory and also they are a making new laws to create new investors and financiers… A lot of smart moves from this country!

European movies are too stuck with an old mentality that soon or later will block the new talents. The USA always have the power for big productions, but in this edition, they brought also smart movies: not necessarily blockbuster, but probably stories that can also make the audience think about it.

It has been for sure a great experience, I’m ready to go back to Italy and hopefully I’ll keep track of all the industry people I met during these days!


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