Erika Salter Motivates and Encourages Young Audience

SEG Founder/Executive Producer, Erika A. Salter, visited the I.S. 339 School in the Bronx, NY for Career Day on Friday, June 8, 2012. Erika was one of five speakers who talked with students about her path and the challenges she overcame to become an Entrepreneur and Founder of SEG. Speakers at the Career Day included Davon Bean, Founder/CEO of Fly Geenius Clothing, Willie Alva, Owner of WA Vizions, and Troy Bowers, New York Knicks Community Relations/Field Marketing Specialist, and Kai Smith, Founder/Executive Director of The GRAFFICS Program.

Check out Erika’s personal account of her experience at the event:

“Friday morning, I woke up with anticipation of meeting bright and fresh young faces. I figured I would need to have a compelling superhero story to share about my life to capture the attention of the 7th graders at IS 339, but when I arrived I noticed immediately that these kids were attentive and respectful. The crowd of nearly 150 minority youth were all dressed nicely in uniform and on their best behavior. I appreciated their attention and wanted to give them all of my energy. I have a genuine passion for communicating with young people and was looking forward to sharing my experiences with them.

While one of the teachers at 339 introduced me, I ran through what I wanted to share with the kids in my mind. Bianka Gomez, SEG Producer and Sales Coordinator, was preparing our website to be shown on the projector. Not to sound too serendipitous but once I was in front of my audience, I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be: Motivating and encouraging young people to be their best.

The main thing I wanted to share with the students was that each of them has a God-given talent that’s unique and special to them. I wanted them to know that with time and dedication, they can develop their talents into skills that will serve them in life. I believe in that and am grateful for the mentors and motivational speakers who shared this truth with me at an early age.

After all the speakers presented the Career Day was brought to a close but not without a bit of surprise. Immediately after the teachers announced that the students were dismissed, a number of kids rushed to the front of the auditorium to take pictures and ask for autographs. 🙂 It was the sweetest thing. I personally wanted to hug every kid there, look them in their eyes, and say “You are a Great. You are a Winner!” No matter what age we might find ourselves, we all need to know that we are winners.

As Bianka, Mr. Bowers, and I exited I.S. 339 at the end of our day, I noticed a woman sitting in the courtyard of the school. She waved to us and in sign language said, “Thank you.” I am grateful to have had the experience of being there. I blew the woman a kiss and replied “Thank you.” In that moment, I began to sense the harvest of a seed that I planted at I.S. 339.”

-Erika A. Salter

Erika A. Salter has conducted motivational talks at schools throughout the East Coast including Hampton University, Rahway High School in Rahway, New Jersey, and Southwest Dekalb High School in Decatur, Georgia. To Book Erika for speaking engagements contact: or (212) 561-6731.


Erika posing with a few of the students after the event.


A brave student stood up to ask Erika about her path in creating her own business.


Bean (of Fly Geenius), Salter, Bowers (of the Knicks), and Alva at Career Day



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