HBO’s The Newsroom: Is It The Next Big Hit?


Aaron Sorkin is at it again with the hour long HBO series, The Newsroom. Though many critics seemed to be on the proverbial fence after the first episode, the fans seem to love the show (at least that is what I’ve gathered from my Twitter sample ravings). The jury is still out because, frankly, if you love or hate a Sorkin work is usually based on your fondness for his distinctive style, known for fast paced and raw dialogue.

So far 2.2 million tuned in for the first episode; may sound like many to most fans but critics are using the number as a question on the impact of the show. Starring Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom, is a behind-the-scenes look at a nightly cable-news program. The main focus is the anchor and his relationship with his new executive producer, the newsroom staff and the boss, as personal, corporate, and commercial obstacles challenge the news.

Keep an eye on the show; it may be the next HBO television prize, taking the ranks with Sopranos, Sex and The City, and a personal favorite Entourage. What are your thoughts? Let us know. Did you love the first three episodes or do you need more time to decide? Weigh in.

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