Does iPhone 5 Equal Canon 5D? New Parody Shows Power of Video

If you haven’t heard about the much anticipated release of the iPhone 5 you have been living under a rock. To play off the growing iPhone 5  mania, a creative video artist, Adam Sacks, created a parody  commercial that showed the true power of online video. Within minutes, the video was watched by hundreds  of thousands and picked up by news  casts and bloggers.

The hilarious parody video, portrays the next generation of the iphone to actually be a camera (Canon 5D to be exact). It even takes shots at the use of the current
iPhones on social media sites and the like- pointing out “photos of food make our lives seems fuller and more exciting.”

As the world laughs at the video’s sarcasm, it is important to note the power of the video.

Online media is ever growing and super-easy to catch on. Adam Sacks took a few minutes to document his idea of the next iPhone and with the  right resources it had many viewers clicking on the link, hoping to see the unveil of the phone.

What does this mean? The power of online video continues to prove itself. Do you have a great idea that can help promote your business or play off a social phenomenon? Video is the way to go. With tons of media coverage and well over 2 million views in three days, this parody displays the power of video to those who are reluctant to take the plunge.

Check out the video below:

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