Ezra J. Stanley Directs “Maldito” Music Video for Pepe Aguilar

S.E.G New Project Alert: Ezra J. Stanley had the delight of working with the popular singer-songwriter of ranchera, mariachi and pop music, Pepe Aguilar, on his newest music video. Stanley took time to discuss how the project came together and share the inside scoop with us.

Ezra J. Stanley’s Account:

“Drew Martinez editor and producer at Beachwood Cottage films who gave me the gig thought I’d be great at directing the performance of Pepe, and it truly was an a honor. Here is this tall man, who most of the Latin community knows giving a private performance that I suddenly find myself directing.

As huge as he is, he still humbly takes direction and contributes to make the best possible music video. It was an absolute delight for me as a director; a primo job!

When we weren’t shooting, Pepe and I just hung out and talked about life, spirituality, family, and being an artist both on his side and my side. He is solidly wise! I also got the chance to meet his wife and children, who he brought to set. They are all so sweet and loving.

I was also able to work with my buds Alejandro Wilkins as a DP, and Hang Zhang who was our set photographer. I was in heaven, jumping around my set like a kid, ask anyone. It was a perfect day. I can’t wait to shoot more vids with Pepe. Maybe more of a big cinematic narrative that would show Pepe like his fans have never seen before. I already have some killer visions!”

Watch the video:

Video Credits:

Pepe Aguilar “Maldito” Music Video

Director: Ezra J Stanley of AboveGrey Pictures and Jamie Mitchell of
Beachwood Cottage Films
Cinematographer: Alejandro Wilkins
Editor/Color/Effects: Drew Martinez
Model: Anna Hernandez
Executive Producer: Pepe Aguilar / Green Dream LLC

Look at the Photos here:

Official Site : http://www.pepeaguilar.com/

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