3 Things To Look For When Hiring a Video Production Crew

Photo from “Think B4 You Speak” PSA produced by SEG

Content is king. If you are rolling out a new product or service, or enhancing an existing one, creating content that communicates your brand message is vital to connecting with your customers. Commit to quality and look for these 3 things when hiring a new crew to produce your content.

1. Quality of Work
When hiring a new crew to produce your next project, request a reel and/or samples of recent work from the production company. Ask the producer detailed questions about the work being presented such as who directed the piece, where was it shot, what cameras were used, and how much it cost. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about the company’s process and means of execution.

2. Style of Work
Production styles are diverse and vary greatly upon what you are looking to achieve. Some projects are purely informational while others focus on providing an entertainment factor for the audience and require creative finesse. Every production company has a different style and many specialize in certain categories of production such as music videos, documentaries, or commercials. Examine the specialty of your potential crew and find out if it matches with the content you are looking to create.

3. Prior Client Experience
Ask about past clients and how the production company completes projects from start to finish. Find out about their billings and delivery process. Ask your crew how they will manage your project before hand to avoid failed expectations.

For production inquires with SEG in Atlanta or New York contact (404) 453-5447 or email production@salterent.com.

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