Folks Commercial Shoot: Behind the Camera

The newest addition to the SEG work vault is a 30 second commercial for the Southern Kitchen Restaurant, Folks. Want the behind the camera view of the spot and what went into making it reality? No problem.

Creatively, the spot was given to the trusted hands of SEG after a few conversation of direction between the owners of Folks and Erika Salter. The owners already had an idea of the direction and conception of the spot and needed skilled workers to make it come alive. The idea was to have the food do the work (and boy did it make us hungry on set).

From here SEG, took the reins and produced the spot in Atlanta with a one-day shoot and quick post-production edit. Erika Salter was on-set with a few of her go-to guys for aid. Before you knew it, the spot was ready for distribution. Are you in the Atlanta area, if so have you seen our spot hit the airwaves near you? We sure hope so.

Watch the spot here:

Photos taken by Aaron Faulkner.


One thought on “Folks Commercial Shoot: Behind the Camera

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