SEG Tip: Which Video Style is Best For You?

SEG Tip: Video Types and Lengths

When approaching a new video project, pre-planning usually starts with the question, “What type of video is best for me?” Once this essential question is answered, it’s time to get down  to business. With so many uses for video, here is a guideline in helping you to decide what is best for you or your business.

•        Do you need to train or inform your staff?
Training videos are growing more in popularity due to it’s ability to engage employees, be interactive, and reduce traditional training budgets. Having a narration script developed in the pre-planning stages are essential for thorough and detailed training videos. Many companies shoot to keep videos around 15  minutes or less for comprehension and testing.

•        Are you looking to market or promote your business?
Marketing videos are usually used with sales materials and presentations. The most effective sales pitches are done in 5-10 minutes. Instead of long, outdated Powerpoint presentations, a marketing video can provide a ton of information about a business in an entertaining way. Make sure to keep video around 5 minutes or less to keep the attention of your audience.

•        Are you describing the use of a product?
Product display videos or product demos are a very effective way to showcase a product. New and existing customers can refer to the demo for instructions on how to use the product and its benefits. General rule is to keep these videos under 5 minutes.

•        Want to send email videos to a desired audience?
Statistics show that video e-mail messages generate two to three times  higher click-thru rates compared to static e-mails. It is important to  keep these videos under 2 minutes to catch and keep the audiences’  attention. Be sure that your video is exported in a format that is compatible for mobile devices to ensure easy viewing on smartphones.

•        Advertising a product or services?
Commercials use creativity to attract consumers to your business, and  should be high quality and have a professional look. Traditional commercials are :15, :30, and :45 seconds.

•        Want to have something running in your office space?
Businesses often use in-office video promo for the consumer to view on  location. This video should be around 2 minutes. Photo montages are a  good alternative.

Whatever the project or purpose keep these tips in mind when planning the time and shots in a clip.

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