Happy Thanksgiving from SEG

It’s Turkey time again! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the SEG crew  reflects on the things we are grateful for – big or small. Of course we are beyond grateful for our family and our health, but this list  reflects a little deeper. It is far from complete but ENJOY!

10 Things SEG is Thankful For This Year:

1.        Freedom and opportunity. Enough said.

2.        Adobe. Hey, we are in video production, that’s pretty self-explanitory.

3.        Creativity and inspiration. Inspiration is around all the time. It can be as simple as a changing leaf, or a pencil on a desk. The creativity is what can transform what seems so simple, into an idea for a shot or ideas on composition of a frame.

4.        Mistakes, or what we would like to call “learning experiences,” are  helpful for our growth as a business.

5.        Our Awesome Clients. Need I say more? They rock so we work hard to  meet/exceed their needs.

6.        Deadlines. Dear Deadline, thank you for always being there and  forcing us to stop. Without you, we would never live for trying to  reach some unattainable perfection. You keep us sane and we are  forever grateful.

7.        Loving what we do! The world of video production is a fast-paced  and if you do not absolutely love it, you are in for a rude awakening.  Bringing life to ideas, is an amazing job and our team loves it.

8.        Scandal. Scripted network programming is making a comeback. One  show that doesn’t disappoint, Scandal. Thank you Shonda Rhimes for  bringing this to ABC.

9.        App developers. Where would we be without the guys who have the  inventive ideas and the follow through to help keep us on time and  in-the-know?

10.        Our SEG Family. It’s more than a 9-5, it’s a family.

Leave a comment with a few of the things you are thankful for.

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