Hello 2013 – New Year Resolutions for Video Producers

Buh-bye 2012 and Hello 2013. You may not be a fan of resolutions but new goals for the new year never hurt anyone. What better time to practice or brush up on good video production skills and etiquette? Here are a few goals to help you better your video editing or quality in 2013.

  1. Trying to break into the field? Have a camera ready at all times. More footage equals more b-roll for projects, more captured moments, but most importantly it helps you improve. Don’t wait until you’re on a deadline to try new camera angles or edits; constantly develop your skill with practice. Overtime, you will find new techniques that give you a unique touch or signature style.
  2. Never settle for the “Ehh, its ok.” If your finished project leaves you with a mediocre feel, it’s not complete. Don’t be afraid to go shoot more or go back to the drawing board to make it better. Work hard to make every shot, set, and sound crisp and clear.
  3. Say hello to audio. Remember video pieces are usually an audio-visual production. There is no lacking with great shots and horrible sound. Determine upfront what sound equipment is needed and check them often for optimal use. Whether you choose to use location sound, ambient sound, dialogue, or soundtrack, the audio has to be right. Do not skimp on this portion of the video because it will make all of your other work irrelevant and appear amateur.
  4. Organization is key.  Let’s revisit the academic way of organizing video productions: 1. Write a brief, 2. Story board it, 3. Set dates for completion, 4. Make time for edits and re-shoots. It is easy to move away from the systematic way of thinking once in a creative space, but pre-planning helps cut costs and save sanity.
  5. Have fun! Enjoy the creativity of the field. Start with a renewed love for video and capturing the untold stories. Find that fire and start 2013 with a bang! (or a shot, pun intended).

What are some of the resolutions you have?

3 thoughts on “Hello 2013 – New Year Resolutions for Video Producers

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