Google TV Adds Redbox Instant By Verizon App, Pitting It Against Netflix On The Platform


Google has just announced via its official Google TV blog that Redbox Instant by Verizon is arriving on the platform today. The newly launched app provides Redbox subscribers with access to streaming movie and TV content, depending on their subscription package, as well as purchase and rentals from the Instant store and the ability to reserve physical discs for pick-up at the closest Redbox kiosk.

Supported Google TV devices include select LG smart TVs, the NETGEAR NeoTV Prime, the Sony Internet Player NSZ-GS7 and the Vizio Co-Star. It’s a limited pool to begin with, and eschews first-generation Google TV devices altogether, but expect it to be compatible with future hardware boasting Google TV, as well.

The launch on Google TV marks the next stage in the continued expansion of Redbox Instant, the would-be Netflix competitor that first debuted in beta at the end of 2012. Redbox Instant has become available for some device-specific smart TVs…

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