What You Need to Know About GoPro Hero 3+

The reality TV world is pretty much dominated by the GoPro cameras for production. Actually, any live-action footage is pretty much dominated by the GoPro name because of their clarity and user-friendly style. There are other brands in the market as contesters, but still lack in some areas (story for another blog). Recently, GoPro took their already great device to a new level.

Their newest edition named the Hero3+ labeled to be smaller, sharper, and more powerful than it’s predecessors.

Need the quick run-down of the latest features and differences? Look no further.

  • Changed to a new f/2.8 lens, which makes everything sharper than previous models.
  • Added ”SuperView” to re-size videos.
  • Added low-light modes to help you maximize your image quality.
  • Hero3+ comes in two models (both smaller than previous models): the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition and GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition.
  • Each model has 25% longer-lasting batteries.
  • Black Edition comes with Wi-Fi remote.
  • Capability to update your camera’s firmware wirelessly.
  • Redesigned mics for better, crisper sound.

In all, no there were not any groundbreaking updates but definitely worth the upgrade. Hero continues to reposition itself as the best contender in the Action Cam field and the smaller updates are very helpful from a producer standpoint.

The GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition costs $399.99, while the Silver Edition costs $299.99.

One thought on “What You Need to Know About GoPro Hero 3+

  1. Question – The Hero 3 can capture interesting movies very clearly, all right. But HD quality MP4 files are large and WordPress has a limit of 1 gig upload. Also, thinking of our readers’ bandwidth – what is the best way to make a smaller picture size – or put another way – preferred editing software / approach for a Mac ?

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