Young Mogul Magazine Spotlights Erika Salter

Entrepreneurship is near and dear to founder and lead producer, Erika Salter, as she comes from generations of small business owners. Working in multimedia production was a no-brainer for Erika because it’s a passion. Though she loves creating and working on projects, the business side of Salter Entertainment Group has not been the same easy adaptation.

“I am always humbled and honored to have my work accepted and liked by my peers but especially when it is based on entrepreneurship. I want people to learn from my mistakes because growing a successful business is not easy. I’ve had valleys and peaks in this journey before finding steady ground,” says Erika.

Young Mogul Life Magazine spotlighted Erika in a recent online magazine article. Here Erika is able to tell her story and give the details many leave out in the small business wonder story.

Young Mogul Life Magazine is the new premier digital magazine highlighting women in business and the entrepreneurial culture alike. The mag focuses on the life of start-ups providing valuable tips and strategies during the visionary stage,  business planning, product launch and sustainability. Young Mogul’s purpose is to inspire, inform and empower our female entrepreneurial audience.

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2 thoughts on “Young Mogul Magazine Spotlights Erika Salter

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